DNA of Digital Brands

Digital world is comprised of the history, chemistry, biology, and almost everything that certainly follow the same league of the brands that endeavour to mark the top niche. Indubitably, it’s the appearance, behavior and performance on the digital platter via miscellaneous social media platforms which beholds the sum and substance of their existence. The DNA of a digital brand may sound like an allegory, but it carries a story of a deep-rooted-identity of a business running across the worldwide digital platform, and its tactical efforts to pump blood-like-propitious strategies into the veins of its organization.

Hence, today, brands breathe in the era of:

• Initiation and execution of creative business ideas
• Bridging the gaps between ‘people’s wants’ and ‘companies meeting the same’
• Focusing on YOU- the customers, not US- the brand.

To achieve exponential results, today almost each brand has gone digital. Some brands play extensively good and some disastrously bad. The difference sways because of the level of awareness of the self and knowledge of the digital world. No matter how laudable the creative ideas are, if a brand lacks the understanding the aftermath effect would not only bring catastrophe to the brand value, but ruthlessly tarnish the hope to survive anymore. Thus, to save itself from such debacle, a brand should always comprehend and live up to the rules of digital world. Amidst, prior to the aforementioned maneuvers, first and foremost, the brand should know the idea behind its foundation. Besides, it should have a solid reason along with a scope of success before finding a way to the digital world.

No doubt, a company is run and managed by time-tested operational techniques and myriad of employees who have distinctive ideas, analytical and interpersonal skills and creativity of their own. Once comprehend the digital tactics, the brand can easily join the digital bracket to prosper more. The credit would go its unbeatable combination of digital DNA of its employees and digital DNA of the brand – in the form of appealing words, humongous strategies that make its presence stronger, social media platforms etc. The blend of all of these DNA will not only push the parameters of its services and innovative thinking one step ahead, but will bring revolution on the digital space as well. But this will happen only if a brand has a development stratagem that seamlessly understands the processes, methodologies and plausible thinking – highly required to achieve the most favourable effects in the world market where the competition goes cut-throat.

Out of all these quadrants of facts, one more important fact that should always be paid heed to is: a brand survives in the crowd! Understand and learn what the target crowd wants, and deliver it to the best of the extent.

Precisely, the story is all about digital brand possessing a strong presence on a digital ground with the DNA of:

• Curiosity
• Openness
• Innovation
• Purpose
• Emotional Story
• Customer Value
• Utility

Hence, a digital brand should make it all useful to win laurels.


Father’s Day Card (General)

333It’s about an essence of love and protection

It’s about a vow to cradle innocence forever in thy existence

Hundreds of winter will pass by with joy, scolds and fun

And so rainy, spring and summers

Though decades would steal the hue of skin

But can’t thy perennial love which knows no dimension.

Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Card

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!


I always wonder and try to comprehend the abyss of your love,

FOR all those mistakes I make reluctantly and sometimes knowingly

FOR all my demands which scare your pocket perfectly

FOR all my silly complaints you handle meticulously

Stupid me!

Still wonder, how blessed I am! Really!







No matter how fast I grow and so you2

No matter if at some point, clashes our views

But you know Dad, I will never stop loving you

Thanks for being my real backbone all this while and forever

I have no qualms in confessing, your agile kid will never stop relying on you, NEVER!


I’m sorry if I ever made you sad

I bet this articulation must have made you glad

Oh dad, what a smart kid you have!

In the midst, the most important words I haven’t mentioned yet

With all love and happiness

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!


Brother’s Birthday Card

111Happy Birthday Dear Brother


You can be one of the ordinary lives to the world

But to me, the most radiating life where my world resides.

Though I never unveiled it

But you have been my favourite toy since you crawled into my life.

In this moment, sparing our frisky fights and pranks we keep hitting each other with in each possible way.

Dear little brother, I wish you all the best ecstasies and luck of this cosmos on your Birthday



When word-knitter forgets to knit….



Words! Permutation and combination of twenty-six letters; sometimes reviling world’s malice and sometimes garnering the ecstasies of the same. The matter of the moment is – who can ensnare and how well weave it for the world? It’s not easy to comprehend the serenade of the alphabets. A word-knitter is like a harbinger, unveiling the most thrilling symphony of sweet-bitter truths. Their ink highlights the colour of their soul, mind and every sheltered comprehensions sputtering behind their eyes, enthralling readers’ heart and mind. In the midst of all the applause, what would happen if all of a sudden, in life’s battle, their ink dries? What would happen if all those perceptions lose its way and faith turns passive to an overtaking eerie?


I think, writing is an acute ratification of a writer’s intellectualism. The thought of losing that intellect equalizes a spider forgetting to weave its web. Indisputably, the feeling itself stabs right in the heart, puncturing the whole system to paranoia. The mayhem literally closes all the doors of creativity. As if inactivity and turbulence walk hand- in-hand in the head and the sufferer is left with leeches which hollow everything mercilessly. Nevertheless creativity keeps swaying, but what can be done when frontal lobe is numb. So is this a death of a nimble mind? What’s the panacea?


A writer’s ink pot can’t stand dryness for long and eventually craves to get reinstated; craves to ascend from the abyss of moroseness so as to reach the anterior of the life. But the question still lingers, how to land with the Archimedes’ “Eureka!”? :/

This write-up is not for hypocrites who….

This life is crazy. It gives you hope, desires and bathe you in the pond of worldly typical philosophy, when you see a wee ray of hope to enlighten your gloomy time. Stop reading if you don’t agree. You become the suppressor of negative cognition. You pace hither and thither in an ultimate ecstasy for your upcoming radiating future, hardly any jealousy or taunt hit you. Everything seems like a translucent crystal ball. And then, out of nowhere, BAM! Gone all those hopes, all those desires, all those dreams! The “D company” – Darkness and Dumbness – breaks you down in slow motion by embracing you so tight that your mind turns too fragile to galvanize. All of a sudden you start living in a paradox – Alone, while being with everyone. You stare people with nonplussed, dead eyes when all your aims and targets tumble down madly. And then switch to classical heart-breaking songs (I prefer John Denver). You feel as if an anonymous, nefarious, invisible demon has keel over your dreams leaving you undone for the life you were looking for.
Amidst, this write up is not for hypocrites who feel the same when fail, but to be in a good books of the “society”, bash such inner-most disappointment. Bloody cowards! Anyway, is my tone offending? Well, it’ll remain same until I finish berating. So, go away!
Coming back to the humdrum world, many times I have criticized people who shut themselves down somewhere because of failures… so the point of empathizing with them was quite distant. But they say right, “one can only sympathize with others when one falls off the paramount of hopes to the dearth of despair.” In the aftermath, all the F-words start dancing on one’s knife edged tongue. What else could you expect from a frustrated mind!
Digressing, tell me one thing honestly, is it possible to behave like a “zen” when your confidence is stabbed one by one by recurring failures? Well, to me, certainly not! I’m in the doldrums, overtaken by pessimism. I don’t care if you don’t agree to what I said. This life sometimes gives you a roller coaster ride and sometimes acts like a perfect predator to hunt down your confidence and then all those so-called principles, hard work, honesty, averse to nepotism, and many in this futile league start mocking you. These principles are just a sham of one’s notional and feeble mind-set that eventually comes out of the ivory tower when encounters the naked realities of life.
My point is…. are our descended principles that ineffective in today’s progressive world that people out there crush them unnecessarily and ruthlessly, anytime? Is there no space left for emotions and honesty? Or the world has turned into an impassive sphere? Or it has always been the same and I’m the one who woke up late? Or I’m still a novice to its ways?



Counting on tips then Facebook, Orkut, My Space, and many in this social network league have made youngsters so SOCIAL, SASSY and onto of that so OPEN to their privacy that being active on such sites sometimes I feel to be sitting in some pit of isolation and insipidness, LIKING the same status, pics among these extroverts.

What do you think, which breed of a human should be considered “retard”? THE ONE who keeps one’s personal pics PERSONAL (respecting the word) or don’t share one’s each move on “status” in every single moment or, THE ONE who unnecessarily uploads pics of one’s growing nails or pouting face as if giving an open invitation to all to smooch and makes updates like, “going to bathroom”, “eating fish, drinking milk”.

What’s happening to human psyche? I fear the day is not far that updates would be like, “Just moved my leg and about to move the other” OR, “Going to shit in any moment. Will update the colour soon” OR “Writing love letter, just wrote the first word, DEAR! Suggest me the next word.”

Talking about the tagging culture on facebook…. I don’t know about you guys, but I failed to understand this weird trend of tagging friends on one’s own pic. Do such highly intelligent brains qualm their identity and tag almost every friend just to get an assurance about themselves or do they suffer from some mental disorder? Today this “show off” fever is traversing from teenagers to frail oldies like an incurable flue, horribly affecting everyone’s mental status.

In the midst, if this mockery offends you or my demeanour sounds SCATHING – good! Who gives a damn! I’m enjoying sharing my LATEST UPDATE splashing your zany activities in your face. What’s the big deal! C’mon, slowly and steadily, I’m learning your ways, albeit in my style.